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Test #1

Posted by moddyfire on May 21, 2009

This test is meant so we will have something really long to see how it works.

start with th poem:

The truth is shining

Like a diamond, hard and cold

Like a girl’s best friend

Like a poet’s mind

Do you wear it on your finger?

Wait till we grow older

Till it rings clearly

Till we are murky

Reminds you how we used to be.

Do you wear it in your ear?

Piercing through your brow or

Nipple or naval.

Pain makes you happy.

Now you look pretty.

Thank her for the gift.



Do you wear it on your head?

Beaming to your third eye

Splitting aura to ingredients.

Cleansing thoughts of all lies

As our minds open.

You are beautiful.

Do you wear it on your foot?

Dragging it heavily. It pulls you down

Lower to the ground

Where we picked it up

Sifted through mud

Removed all impurities


Or was it a piece of broken glass.

The truth is hiding

Like a diamond. Silently waiting

to be picked

and to shine.


add a picture:


trying, anyway.

love, Moddy.


4 Responses to “Test #1”

  1. seems like you got it working now. 🙂
    the post came through in entirety to my email.

  2. naama said

    יופי ככה.

  3. David Kramer said

    Hi Moddy,

    I enjoyed reading your blog. I really liked your poem about the Rainbow child, even though it’s sad. Have you seen that child again?

    I’m planning on going to the gathering in New Zealand, so hopefully I’ll see you there. Afterwards, I want to come to Australia and would like to visit you.

    I’m going to keep this short, but I wanted to get back in touch. Have a good time in Israel. I want to go back there sometime also.

    Send my love to Ela and Sequoia.


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