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Finally, feeling at home

Posted by moddyfire on June 14, 2009

Hi all,

As I wrote in my last letter,  we moved to our new house on New Year’s Day. Since then, we’ve been spending most of our time fixing it and making it our home. It is not as easy as it sounds, and I don’t even know if it sounds easy. Moreover, we have so many distractions,  such as going away, being sick, or buying a new car  (the last one, as you might recall, we almost drove over a cliff; we now own a red Ford Laser  called “Rosita” which I like very much while Ela isn’t excited.)

We went for two weeks to a rainbow gathering in Tasmania. After three days, when we just settled down, the organizers told us that the gathering ends in a few days, a fact that they had somehow failed to convey before. Thus we ended up renting a car and traveling around Tassie. I wasn’t too excited: I have been told that Tasmania is just like New Zealand, but I found it pretty dull comparingly. We had a nice time though, managed to see most of the Island and visit our friends Nemo and Melodie in Hobart.

After that we were at home for only a short time, and then Ela and Sequoia went to catch a baby in Phuket while I went to Israel for a few weeks. As usual, it was great to be in Israel and catch-up with friends and relatives: My niece’s Bat-Mitzvah! Amir is pregnant! Dekel is pregnant! Guy moved in with Ella! (and other exciting stuff.) Coming home, i suffered from awful jet-lag and didn’t function well for more than a week; then Ela and Sequoia came back, and we threw a party for Ela’s 30th birthday: we had a great fun, though the party was way smaller then we had expected. However, Ela’s sister and ex-wife both flew-in and stayed with us for a while, and we enjoyed having them and other visitors; specifically having a big house where we can actually host a party and guests. Meanwhile Ela got a nasty cough which rendered her sub-functioning for more than a month: she even broke a rib from coughing!  She feels better now after being treated by a Chinese Doctor whose partner is Ela’s next client (due in October.)

So we had little time to have the necessary house maintenace. We renovated the bathroom; we installed solar hot-water system; we bought furniture and a fridge and other things we never had room for in the old shack. Our main worries are mould and termites: the house is damp to the point that if I leave salt out it turns to pool of water. The reasons for the dampness are not certain: we have sea-grass mats that are constantly growing mould, so I threw some of it away to see if it helps. We have trees that shade the house, so we are still looking for a tree-lopper to cut them. We have a lot of rain (understatement. We had 195mm in one day a couple of weeks ago!) and it goes under the house, so I dug a trench to move the water elsewhere, but I’m not sure it is working. We also fight the mould with bleach and vinegar, with some success. We are also very cold inside the house: there is constant draft coming from some hole  we cannot locate, and our fireplace doesn’t manage to warm uo the house in the cold nights.

Besides all that, we simply love this place. We have a big house which is not leaking, surrounded by forest and beautiful birds,  but yet only five minutes walk from the village, 12 minutes drive to town (or 20 if we hitch-hike), and the city is only 20 minutes more. We made friends with a lot of our neighbours, and everytime we walk to the post office we stop for a chat; some of them have kids and so Sequoia has friends a short walking distance. Once a week there is a small market, and once a month a bigger market and also a dance party. We (well, Ela) organized a small home-schoolers group which we hope to make bigger,  and we are still close enough to our  old home-schoolers group in Mullumbimby so we go there every week. We feel we are part of a community and not isolated anymore.

Ela started  studying an advanced midwifery course so she spends (or tries to spend) most of her day with her books and notes. I’m very proud of her. I work and Sequoia is playing, watching videos, dancing and singing: same as before, but now she has much more room to do it. She grew a little, but is still very small for her age.

Plans: in two weeks we go to north Queensland for a rainbow gathering, which is 2000km drive each way. In October Sequoia and I come to Israel for a visit. It will be the most time she ever spent  without Ela, but I guess she won’t have time to miss her with all the excitement of seeing her grandparents and cousins.

Love, Moddy.

Today is a good day to plant snapdragons.


One Response to “Finally, feeling at home”

  1. Congratulations 🙂
    The new blog form newsletter is taking shape;
    The new home starts to take shape;
    You actually mention friends from Israel in the letter;
    And, most important, your writing really helps me feel a bit part of your life: It revives it to me, and makes me feel as if I’m there, hearing Sequoia laughing, sensing the atmosphere change as Ela’s reading, seeing you entering the house after hard work outside and around.

    Love you all,
    See you in October, when we’re due…

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